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Loading bays

At Coprikompatt, we design customized solutions, guaranteeing a high-quality, finished product. We make unloading and loading bays, either standardized or customized, helpful in industrial environments, that facilitate the loading and unloading of goods.

Discover all our unloading and loading bays.

Coprikompatt is the only company in the industry that manufactures all the elements that make up the structures, from the carpentry to the covering fabric, on its own, always guaranteeing the best materials Thanks to its experience in the industry and continuous research, the company offers all loading bay components too, which can prove useful in multiple occasions.

Loading Bay

CSS Standard Loading Bays

Useful for connecting vehicles to loading pits having elevated floors compared to the outside floor.

Csr Loading Bay

CSR Flap loading bays

Useful for connecting vehicles to loading bays when an outside dock exists.

Loading Bays Cscu

CSCU Cold cushions Loading bays

Suitable for low-temperature food warehouses. The opening of the vehicle adheres to the cushions ensuring maximum thermal continuity.

Loading bays csc

Spiral Loading Bays and Angulars CSC

These are essential where for space reasons it is not possible to position vehicles perpendicular to the loading bays.

Loading Bays

Ground loading bays CST

Suitable for connecting vehicles when the loading warehouse is on the same floor level as the outside.

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We make customized structures for every need.

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