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We make pvc roofing and accessories by taking care of every detail: from the metalwork to the sheeting.

We at Coprikompatt are leaders in the field of industrial pvc roofing, our experience of over 30 years and our know-how have allowed us to be recognizable abroad and to spread our Made in Italy solutions. We are the only company in the industry to produce all the elements that make up the structures in-house, from the carpentry to the roofing sheet, guaranteeing care and selection of materials.

Our experience has made us a trusted partner, in supplying pvc roofing, to important clients all over the world, thanks to our 6-step working method:

  • Consulting and pre-sales. Analysis, measurement, feasibility study and commercial proposal of the best solution in accordance to each customer’s needs.
  • Order. Following the customer’s order confirmation, assignment of a P.M. and a dedicated back-office service and activation of all procedures for project implementation within the set time frame.
  • Project design. Technical approval and work start-up. The technical team works closely with customer to create a customized pvc roofing, from membranes to metalwork.
  • Logistics and training. Notice of site preparedness and dispatch, coordination of assembly stages, and installation technician training with special emphasis on safety.
  • Installation. Pvc roofing installation by qualified and experienced technicians, with release of proper installation certifications and warranties.
  • After-sales. The back office responsible for individual customers coordinates any planned maintenance and repair activities throughout the years.

Our values

We at Coprikompatt firmly believe in certain values that distinguish us:

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We build a trustful relationship with our clients through our care and commitment to ensure the quality of the products and observance of the agreed timelines.



Our name is a synonym for Made in Italy: creativity, design, quality materials and a state-of-the-art production process are the key elements that distinguish our company internationally.

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Customer care:

Our customers are supported by qualified professionals at all stages, from design to installation. For us, customer satisfaction is the key to business success.

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Industry 4.0:

We develop innovative solutions thanks to a production process coordinated by specific design software that accompanies us from the early stages of budgeting up to implementation, in an Industry 4.0 scenario.

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Our environmental commitment is based on concrete goals, starting with the material we use, PVC, of which we considerably limit the waste, that is 0.5 percent, to the point of being disposable with municipal solid waste.

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To learn more about our company’s vision and mission statement, and our value proposition, browse our company profile.

Coprikompatt S.r.l Coperture Mobili

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