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Industrial closures

We build solutions in the field of industrial warehouse logistics: from industrial closures to tents and loading bays.
To meet all customers needs, we have designed specific models of industrial closures and doors.
We ensure end-user safety by equipping all rapid doors with photocells, motion sensors, fall arrest device, and emergency openings.

We at Coprikompatt offer various industrial closure solutions. Different product categories: rapid doors, industrial doors, and closing curtains.

Different types of industrial closures for different needs.

  • high-speed doors
  • high-speed roll-up doors
  • high-speed folding doors
  • self-repairing doors
  • industrial and motorized sectional doors
  • folding
  • flexible industrial doors
  • sliding
  • strip doors
  • horizontal sliding PVC curtain walls
Industrial closures

Rocket High-speed doors

Quick-packing door, particularly suitable for outdoor environments and large compartments.

Industrial closures

Mega-Rocket High-speed Door

Fast-packing door ideal for hangars, shipyards and large industrial compartments.

Industrial closures

Arrow High-speed door

Vertical rapid roll-up door suitable for outdoor and indoor environments, its compact design allows maximum use of the available space.

Industrial closures

Thunder High-speed door

Quick-rolling door equipped with a side seal system made of self-lubricating polymer material that allows self-repair and increased thermal insulation.

Full-Thunder High-Speed door

Full-Thunder High-Speed door

Self-repairing fast roll-up door with anti-intrusion protection and an insulated rolling shutter.

Industrial closures

PVC strip doors

Industrial gates suitable for large compartments closing.

Industrial closures

Folding industrial doors

The sliding folding doors are suitable not only for spaces that require good insulation, but also for large openings.

Industrial closures

Swinging doors

Doors equipped with transparent PVC closure that allows a wide and safe view.

Industrial closures

Sectional doors

Suitable for any industrial setting, these doors can be easily automated.

Industrial closures

Closing curtains

These industrial PVC blinds are perfect for covering any type of structure, allowing any space to be opened and closed quickly and effortlessly.

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We make customized structures for every need.

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