Delivery times for goods are approximate,  expressed in business days.
Shipping charges will be applied according to the rates in effect with the courier company.

Incorrect delivery address or non-delivery

The customer is responsible for providing a correct and manned address in the order.
Generally, the courier, after the first delivery attempt requires the recipient to establish a time, however, for the second and third attempts. After three unsuccessful attempts, the package is returned to our premises. Under these circumstances Coprikompatt S.r.l Mobile Covers is not to be held responsible for non-delivery. Further attempts will be borne by the customer.

Changes in shipping rates

Our logistics service providers update their shipping rates on a regular basis. Coprikompatt S.r.l Mobile Roofing strives to keep this page up-to-date, therefore, the above information and rates may change at any time without notice. Coprikompatt S.r.l Furniture Covers also reserves the right to cancel at any time and without notice, before the goods are shipped to the customer, any order by refunding the full amount paid by the customer. In this case, nothing more will be due from Coprikompatt S.r.l Furniture Covers to the customer.