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Mobile warehouses

We at Coprikompatt are specialized in designing and building solutions for all kinds of needs. Our Copritutto brand includes PVC mobile warehouses, helpful in creating new covered areas for warehouses and cargo depots. Our structures can be fixed, retractable or sliding. Born with the purpose to increase logistics and production capacities of any company in any business sector, they create new covered spaces for logistic solutions such as permanent or temporary goods storage, new production or service areas, loading/unloading areas, vehicles and machinery storage.

Available in different models:

  • indipendent
  • sided
  • frontal
  • lateral with single-double slope
  • connecting
  • cantilever
  • arched
  • special roofs
  • large dimensions
  • for special applications

Advantages of Coprikompatt Mobile Warehouses

What are the advantages of mobile warehouses, compared to brickwork or temporary marquees:

  • Fast installation: cost and time savings
  • Lean bureaucracy: faster permits
  • Affordable, versatile, mobile
  • No size limits: heights up to 15 meters and widths up to 40 meters.
  • Safe, earthquake-resistant, durable: the structure is backed by a 10-year warranty and is built respecting the geographical characteristics of installation location.
  • 100% relocatable
  • Modular: dimensions can be revised at any time, adding or removing covered space as needed.
pvc mobile warehouses

Mobile wharehouses: Copritutto CTS

The Copritutto CTS is a standard mobile pvc warehouse, consisting of two rigid heads, one front and one rear, ideal for covering loading/unloading goods, warehousing and possibly production.

pvc mobile warehouses

Mobile warehouses: Copritutto CTZ

The Copritutto CTZ is a self-supporting retractable limp shed, fastened parallel to the building while leaving the building's doorways accessible.

pvc mobile warehouses

Mobile warehouses: Copritutto CTDZ

The Copritutto CTDZ is a lame double-sloping mobile shed, consisting of pairs of trusses sliding on an overhead rail, supported by pillars, through steel wheels on both sides.

pvc mobile warehouses

Mobile warehouses: Copritutto CTZA

The Copritutto CTZA is a double side-by-side tunnel, consists of two lame tunnel models placed specularly to each other and fixed together. It is used in cases where the tunnel exceeds 25m in width.

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