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The best company in website creation.

Spinosi Marketing Strategies, a strategic marketing consulting firm based in Abruzzo and Rome, created this website. Following modern web marketing approaches, the website was indexed through the latest SEO marketing techniques. Spinosi Marketing Strategies offers the following marketing strategies to its clientele:
  • Sales strategies, which through Strategic Marketing aligns with the company’s targets and objectives
  • Web marketing strategies, because nowadays you cannot do without having a strategy that coordinates the website to the other online tools.
  • Branding or brand strategies, because it is not enough just to do logo creation but you have to have consistent branding policies, and thus direct consumer choices and be competitive in international markets
  • Internationalization strategies, because in an extremely competitive and globalized market, strategic internationalization cannot be ignored
And alongside strategy, Spinosi Marketing Strategies provides companies with a range of operational marketing services:
  • E-commerce website creation, since in the modern world it is essential for a company to have a website adapted to the most modern technological standards. And for those who want to try their hand at virtual commerce, we design e-commerce sites capable of taking advantage of the most modern technologies on the market. Some examples of websites created: Teknovis3, a leading company in industrial insulation systems; SIM Immobiliare real estate agency in Novara, a leader in the sale and purchase of real estate; and Imeva, a leading manufacturer of road barriers.
  • SEO Experts, Adwords Experts, because in addition to having a beautiful and functional website, it is important to be found by users. Being found in the major Search Engines for relevant queries with respect to one’s business is key to not missing business opportunities. And to further increase one’s visibility, it is always good to invest in Adwords, to ensure visibility in Google’s Sponsored Positioning as well.
  • Brochure Making or Catalog Construction, products that have always played a fundamental role in the communication of every company. Brochures and Catalogs are still an indispensable necessity for many companies, as they go to constitute a fundamental means of communication and image for businesses.
  • Logo creation and definition of Branding Policies, because the brand is the real value of the company. A service closely related to what are brand strategies or corporate brand strategies aimed at building a sustainable and lasting positioning.
  • Videoconferencing with partner Aethra, to greatly reduce the costs and stress involved in long off-site meetings. A meeting with sales people in Italy, Europe or the World? No problem. Thanks to the Videoconferencing service, it is now possible for everyone to stay in their own office, with the ability to talk as if they were in the same room, and to share their documents by commenting on them in real time
  • Newsletters, DEM, since it is essential to arrive with direct messages to one’s customers, on the one hand, and on the other hand to be able to carry out periodic online marketing campaigns to inform the public of one’s offers
  • Social Media Marketing, since nowadays these means of communication represent a fundamental showcase in order to be found by the public
  • Packaging, Labels, to make the packaging and labeling of one’s products special
  • ABM Marketing or Account Based Marketing, is a strategic approach that combines marketing with sales. ABM Marketing or Account Based Marketing, is a strategic approach that combines marketing with sales. Spinosi Marketing, through ABM Marketing, enables companies that have purchased CRM software to build a tailored mode of operation and find its effectiveness in managing their leads and customers portfolio.
  • The Social media Listening service allows clients to find out what is being said on the Internet, particularly in social media and online communities, about a brand, product or service. Spinosi Marketing offers clients the opportunity to find out what is being spread on the network related to their brand reputation and competitors in order to find a strategy geared toward growing engagement on the client brand.
Spinosi Marketing is the first Sales & Marketing Innovation company that combines modern digital marketing activities with a concrete approach to sales.

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