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Mobile warehouse:
Copritutto CTZA

We make self-supported mobile warehouses useful for creating new work spaces. Our Copritutto CTZA Mobile warehouse consists of a double side-by-side tunnel. It has been developed from a basic unit, involving the union of 2 models of Zoppo Tunnels, placed specularly to each other and fixed together. Whenever further space is required, Double lame modules can be added in the middle to this basic unit to reach the desired dimensions.

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Our Copritutto CTZA Mobile Warehouse is used when tunnel width extension exceeds 25 meters. In such a case, multiple tunnels can be joined together with a fully utilizable inner space with variable widths and lengths. It provides an excellent solution in case you need considerable width frontals. The sliding system in this case has two ground rails, palced at each end, and central overhead rails, placed on galvanized steel pillars having an axle spread of about 5,000 mm. Each tunnel can be equipped with various accessories, such as industrial doors, from simple pvc industrial curtains to rapid doors, sectional or folding doors, etc. A wide range of colors available makes our mobile tunnels also customizable offering the possibility to insert company logos and advertising text.

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