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Mobile warehouse:
Copritutto CTZ

We make retractable, self-supporting mobile warehouses helpful in creating new work spaces. Our CTZ Mobile Covering Shed,lame model, is a self-supporting retractable structure made up of pairs of uprights above which trusses are attached through bolted plates with type 8.8 bolts and self-locking nuts. They are sliding on one side on ground rail and on the opposite side on a rail track fixed on beams, supported by pillars with standard center distances of 5,000\6,000 mm.

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Our Coptitutto CTZ mobile warehouse consists of steel uprights that run on a galvanized Sigma profile rail, that has been configured with special wings to prevent derailment and lifting of the structure. Where there is a strong concrete floor rails are fixed to the ground on concrete curbs, at the client’s care and expense, with appropriately sized dowels. Customer should have taken care to check if the floor meets the technical specifications communicated by the manufacturer. Galvanized profile pantographs are inserted between the uprights, which slide on the same by means of a system specially designed by Coprikompatt engineers. The surface treatment of the steel used in the construction of the CTZ mobile tunnels is hot dip galvanizing, which guarantees the full penetration of molten zinc to protect all the structural elements that make up our products. Completing the supply of the lame sliding warehouse is the cover fabric for which Coprikompatt engineers have developed a unique formula together with the raw material supplier. Coprikompatt uses only fabrics of European origin that are tear-resistant certified. We, at Coprikompatt, use only certified tear-resistant fabrics with European origin. Our mobile tunnels’ cover sheets are all customizable, available in different colors and with an option to include your company logo.

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