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Mobile warehouse:
Copritutto CTDZ

We make self-supported mobile warehouses useful for creating new work spaces. Our Copritutto CTDZ mobile warehouse, double lame model, is a double-slope mobile tunnel consisting of pairs of trusses sliding both sides on an overhead rail supported by pillar using steel wheels.

Discover our Corpitutto CTDZ mobile warehouse.

Our Copritutto CTDZ mobile warehouse is built in accordance with the current regulations. To support the structure we use strong hot-dip galvanized steel trusses and pillars made of appropriate profile. In case of movrments the structure will slide for about 50% of its length. In addition, the trusses will have an adequate slope to drain both rainwater and snow. The surface treatment of the steel used in the construction of Copritutto CTDZ tarpaulin warehouse is hot dip galvanizing, which ensures the penetration of molten zinc to protect all the structural elements that make up our products. Completing the supply of the lame tarpaulin warehouse is the cover sheeting for which Coprikompatt engineers have designed a unique formula together with the raw material supplier. The cover sheets of our mobile tunnels are all customizable, available in different colors and with the possibility to insert the company logo. Coprikompatt tarpaulin warehouses are the ideal solution for increasing covered space or a production department. Freestanding mobile warehouses are self-supporting PVC tarpaulins that do not require any physical connection to existing buildings.

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